Introducing LWCo Bag Collection!

We are excited to announce the addition of our NEW! Bag Collection to our LWCo brand. Our bags will be available to purchase on 3.1.17. 

We conducted a poll on Twitter and Facebook asking for your input on what you would like to see offered. Backpacks were the clear winner. We listened and found some great backpacks and bags we know that you are going to love. 

As with all of our products it is important that our bags are durable, unique, and really keep with our vision. Finding new adventures is what LWCo is all about. So, we found bags that you can take camping, hiking, to the beach, on a weekend away, traveling across country or just to carry your books around school (after all everyday can be an adventure). 

Our bags are made from thick durable canvas so you can really put it to the test without any worry. Genuine leather is used for a great classic look while providing the strength and toughness you need for all you put them through. Over time the leather will age as a reminder of every great experience you have been on.

We are confident when you receive your bag you will be impressed with the high quality material used to create such beautiful bags. LWCo bags are meant to last from adventure to adventure. So, order your favorite bag, start planning that dream trip on your bucket list, and start packing. Your adventure is about to start and we can't wait to go along.


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